Neil McCann was on hand at Ibrox to give his views on the game against Aberdeen for the club’s In-house TV channel.

Aberdeen we’re robbed of all three points by John Beaton and his incredible penalty call late in the game.

The home side still dropped points on the night, allowing Celtic to catch up. The Hoops are going strong and the team who found it very easy to play in training ground atmosphere games are suddenly looking unsure of themselves.

McCann is a staunch Ibrox supporter and can see what’s happening in front of his eyes.

Using his platform on Wednesday night as cited by Record Sport, the former professional footballer bemoaned Scott Brown’s performance, Alfredo Morelos doing nothing and the fact Celtic are coming for the top spot.

“You are looking at Scott Brown playing as part of a central three, he could have played with his slippers on tonight.

“Then you are looking for Morelos, he has a wee bit of fire and history with Brown to say ‘I’m going to give you the worst night for a long time, I’m going to run you into the ground’.

“He’s walking about! There is no movement, there is no urgency, he’s going down with wee knocks in his back.

“Hold it in, back in, knock it wide, get your backside in the box.

“There is no urgency for me in a lot of players, and I am not going to sit here and hide it. That needs to be much better from Rangers.

“If Rangers are to keep going and powering forward, winning games, retaining the title, because Celtic are coming hard at them, they’re coming strong as well.

“They really need to up their game, Stevie and the coaching team need to get into this side and get them going.”

Celtic had a rocky start with a brand new side being built and so many pivotal injury call offs. The Hoops took half a team to Ibrox back in August and we’re undone by one corner after Edouard missed a sitter. Given the Celtic team looks much stronger, the Hoops are gaining momentum.

McCann is very worried!


  1. Beaton is a cheat, a fraud, and a pal to his pals at Ipox. Crivvens, will simebody take him out of service before he gets a championship medal. I wish I lived next door to him. I’d make his life a living feckin misery. He a cheating b@st@rd.i

  2. Let’s face it. Toxic FC have never won anything honestly.
    They have always relied on dishonest referees with little in the way of integrity to help them out.

  3. With another 2 new faces in Jan Neil McCann and his fear will become Reality and it will become fact for them all to see,and they will need to dig deep and spend around £40 million to hold on to Celtic….


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