Neil Lennon has talked up the newest of the summer signings, Diego Laxalt and the impact he could have against his parent club, AC Milan on Thursday night.

As reported by the Daily Record, Lennon made the comparison between both Philip Coutinho and Laxalt, when it comes to facing their own club in a European tie and the impact he could have in that game.

“It’s great that he’s free to play against them but it can leave you with a bit of a bloody nose sometimes. Barcelona were okay with Coutinho playing against them and it might have come back and bit them a bit.

“Of course we’ll be leaning on Diego a lot in the coming days before the game but we’re not just talking about this specific game.

“It’s a good career move and important for his development to play regularly and the British culture is a style he wants to adapt to. Most importantly he wants to play well for us. He made it clear he wanted to come and play here and he’s fully focused and excited at the season ahead. He knows he’s going to be an integral part of the squad.”

Saturday’s performance in the 2-0 loss to Rangers was obviously extremely poor and really not good enough from most involved with the club. However, alongside Stephen Welsh, Laxalt was one of the VERY few players to come away with an ounce of credit after his performance.

For a lad, who had just met the majority of his team-mates, who were returning from internationals a day before this game and can’t even speak a word of English yet, he put in a good showing overall. At first, he may have started a little rusty, with it being his first start since July, but definitely grew into it.

He showed that little bit of fight that not many in the squad had on the day.

The Uruguayan looks to be a good pick-up by the club from the side we are set to face on Thursday. Hopefully, he can have a good impact on that game and in many more in the future.



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