Gordon Strachan is now the bookies favourite to become the next manager of Celtic if Neil Lennon is relieved of his duties.

As reported by the Glasgow Times, the former Celtic boss has now been installed as the favourite for the managers’ position after increasing pressure was mounted due to the Hoops 2-0 loss in the League Cup against Ross County.

Previously, ex Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe was favourite to take over for the job with the likes of Roy Keane and Henrik Larsson being on that list.

Of course, you shouldn’t be looking too much into bookies prices when it comes to a managers position.

However, I think it would certainly be on that is considered by the Celtic board who are thought to be fans of Strachan as a manager.

Interestingly, the man who was boss at Celtic Park between 2005-2009 already has even further links to the club with the current first-team coach, Gavin Strachan, being his son.


  1. I’ll give the Ghord something in his favour, when he’s standing straight up on his box the team listens to him. But like after Mon handed him the reins, he got lost up his own arse too. The bloke and Celtic got lost without the influence of St Tommy Burns. And Celtic sacked Tommy Burns in also. So they don’t give a fuc& about anything other than who’s investing and how much they can skin in wage demands. The Wee bunnet, made sure Celtics fans have the majority of shares, WTF, and they cannot be arsed listening to them. The fans have spoken. Awaiting their reply. Over to them, yes the silence is deafening. .


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