FOOTYHEADLINES.COM who are usually first to drop all new kits before their official unveiling have leaked the new CELTIC AWAY SHIRT.


Two shades of green with the special crest and sponsors in gold finished with a unique looking collar.

What do you make of the new jersey?


  1. unfortunately il not be some spending that money on another top made by new balance. printed on badges etc. cheap skates and ripping the fans off. the club should be ashamed of itself allowing that to happen. nothing but trouble from the first shirt made. a disgrace to themselves as a brand and a disgrace to to associates with our club. when will Liverpool et all get there cheaply made recycle heat printed shirts at 50 quid a pop. FUCK new balance.

  2. Not in favour of transfer crests especially at the price they’re asking. Put the embroidered crest on it and I’ll be first in the queue to buy one. HH

  3. I agree with most of the previous comments, nice design except wrong collar, should have been a crew neck and embroidered crest.

  4. We need to get back to Nike.Shite shirts who Diss the Celtic name.Cant even supply a embroidered badge.were paying fifty squid plus for shite.Were one of the most famous teams in the world, c’mon pay some respect.

  5. Loving it, but trying to ironing it will be difficult after all the sell-a-brit-on I’m gonna be doing with all of celtics victories next season will be a nightmare hail hail


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