CELTIC have given us a sneak glimpse at the new wall murals inside Celtic Park that home and position players will walk past on their way to the pitch.

The new murals comprise of all the current Celtic squad with their name and signatures below their images.

They look fantastic!



(Images courtesy of @celticfc official twitter)


  1. Looks fantastic bet the huns are thinking it too, not like the scribbled writings of a madman and his “we are the peepill” celtic always class in everything we do. Hail Hail

  2. The sight of a giant scary Broony coupon staring down at the opposition from the wall as well as alongside them surely gives us an advantage before a ball is even kicked?

  3. By passed Ibrox a couples of weeks ago and noticed that, as usual, they’ve tried to copy Celtic. I’m not even saying this because I don’t like them but it honestly looks shit.


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