SHAY LOGAN was sent off after embarrassing himself and his club today at the full time whistle.

The player was caught by the Sky Sports cameras arguing with Boyata but what they didn’t catch was the little guy taking a swing at a Celtic player for no apparent reason after the game.

Logan will be in hot bother with the SFA for raising his hands to a fellow professional but then afterwards he celebrated his team coming second in bizarre fashion – cupping his ears to the Celtic fans who were too busy celebrating seven in a row to care.

You can see Lustig trying to shake his hand after the game and the petulant idiot didn’t want to reciprocate.


  1. He’s been nothing but a fucking dirty little scumbag since he accused Tonev of being a racist and all he done today was confirm how much of a fucking scumbag he is. The sooner he gets to fuck out of our game the better. Just loves to put the mix in and tries to get other players get sent of, as was proved when he skelped the ball off Broony and then ran away like the little coward he is. Fuck off down to England you little lower league twat that you are. HH 10IAR 🍀🇮🇪

  2. ShaYmful Logan.What an arsehole,A great advertisement for arseholes everywhere.You,d think he would be hapoy finishing 2nd.Aberdeen dont need idiots like him in there team.Disgraceful Sad Excuse for a footballer.


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