Firstly, we want to applaud Patryk Klimala for his goal on Sunday not only was it a terrific finish, but it was also a goal scored after a crunching tackle which under the Celtic unique angle footage, looks even worse!

Nick Walsh had a peculiar performance in Perth on Sunday, but the decision not to send off Liam Gordon for the challenge, regardless of the outcome, was so poor and speaks to a bigger issue.

Jeremie Frimpong was constantly fouled yesterday wth St Johnstone players bringing him down whenever possible. David Turnbull was booked during the game quite easily, however, when Murray Davidson made a similar challenge, Walsh let him off with a warning and he had already picked up many different fouls over the pitch.

The lack of protection or punishment for some shocking challenges is going to result in some big injuries for the Hoops over the piece.

Have a look at this unique angle footage and watch the challenge come in on Klimala, in what planet is that not a red card.

Some finish though, and an extra shout out to Kristoffer Ajer for his cheeky flick on the first goal.


  1. Waste of time mentioning bad refereeing against us,this has been going on for decades and will never change in the bigoted country called Scotland.HAIL HAIL.

  2. I’m surprised you did not mention the run that Frimpong had in the second half where he was fouled, yet again, but continued his run, seemingly getting the advantage rule applied by the ref, only to have his run curtailed by being fouled on the edge of the box, and what did the ref do, he pointed to the location of the first foul miles from the box WTF? and no one made a word of complaint about it? Does no one know the fkn rules? Surely the foul on the edge of the box should have been the one given?


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