Sportscene has always been a tough watch. The Scottish football highlight show doesn’t exactly have the best production, but what we’re noticing more in more is a skewed panel when it comes to having impartiality.

Usually, the BBC try to be so impartial they will actually allow people on their programmes to spread lies just to be a counterbalance to someone else.

The noise surrounding every Celtic victory at the moment is quite something and the dissection of Celtic’s goals and chat or if they deserved their win or not has been taken to a whole new level. Since the Hoops hit the top of the league, it’s been a common theme.

So imagine my shock and surprise when I turned on my TV Sunday night and found ex-Rangers striker Steven Thompson discussing Celtic’s game against Livingston with ex-Rangers striker Kenny Miller and ex-Rangers defender Richard Foster.

You could be pedantic and make the claim Kenny Miller also played for Celtic, but Kenny is a self-admitted fan of the Ibrox club.

Where’s the balance in this panel?

Celtic’s goals were discussed in-depth, while a blatant red card for Livingston wasn’t even shown in the highlight package of the game, let alone discussed.

The panel can change, and when the likes of Michael Stewart and James McFadden is on, not only is the show better for it, but we get a lot better insights and opinions from people without a dog in the fight – consciously or unconsciously.

I’d expect a better attempt at trying to bring as many voices as possible to the discussion. Given BBC Sportsound also regularly bring on ex-Ibrox players to come on their show, whoever is booking Scottish football for the BBC has a lot of friends on one side of the aisle.

This isn’t an attempt at moon howling, it’s to highlight the imbalance and asking for our state broadcaster to do better.


  1. I believe the Head of BBC Sports Scotland is an unreconstructed hun, hence the number of old klub pundits both on television and radio.

    They may also have played for other clubs but what they all have in common is that they are all huns.

  2. If you think the show is improved by McFadden think I guess you’ve never watched him on Sportscene! Bland beyond belief

    To be fair to Kenny Miller he’s actually a surprisingly decent pundit

  3. …and don’t forget co-commentator for Celtic game, David Templeton.
    What next…Para’s abseiling into the Sportscene studio to the tune of the Billy Boys?
    Special guests in KKK outfits?
    John Greigs dug?

  4. Yea don’t forget the constant reminders of who’s top of the league. ‘Until Celtic went top.
    ‘And in tonight’s Spurtscene we have five minutes of the Celtic goals and eight minutes of discussion about their rough playing team and unabridged talk on why their six goals were offside/foul play in the build up. And later we have twenty minutes of the Sevco goalless draw at the Dark Star stadia, and how many Penalty’s they were blatantly robbed of. Ohh and a look at how the other teams got on with proper Cinch advertising. Only six minutes of that. As wee cream ourselves on the mighty (still in Europe) blues.’
    Yea hide your heads in shame.

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