Starting on Boxing day there will only be 500 spectators allowed at any football game in Scotland for a period of up to three weeks it has been announced.

Nicola Sturgeon laid out the new restrictions for sport among other new restrictions put on our lives with the new wave of the pandemic in full swing.

Celtic and Scottish football will have to go essentially behind closed doors until further notice.

The winter break is just around the corner, scheduled to start on January 2. It would be sensible for all parties to get together and bring that break forward to Boxing day and allow games the best chance to have spectators in January.

The new restrictions mean, as of now, if the Glasgow Derby goes ahead on its planned date, there will only be 500 supporters in the ground. That would be a shocker for Celtic and supporters who want to get behind their team as they look to chase down the SPFL title.

The St Mirren game on Wednesday will go ahead as scheduled with fans.


  1. Anyone who was on a jam-packed train after the Cup Final Mt Florida to Central, standing lierally nose to nose with folk who couldnt be bothered to mask up, will find this no surprise at all.
    If folk cant be bothered sticking to basic requirements then they cant complain if govt takes action just as they are doing all around Europe

  2. This decision is the daftest ever by any government, complete see saw reactions for near 2 years , wearing allsorts of avoidance clothing, and next year virus no.3 pops up and will blooter any precautions we take , and no.4 next spring, no.5, etc, etc , I.m reverting to lemsips and hot water bottle, no more jim Carrey mask 4 me ,


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