If you’re a regular on Celtic social media, you will know the very talented Moravcik67_ keeps everybody up to date with UEFA rules, coefficients etc as it pertains to Celtic.

His latest tweets make for some very interesting reading and the pitfalls of playing in Europe during this pandemic. There can be no room for error and UEFA are putting the onus on the club’s to provide them with the correct information. If clubs fail to deliver the proper information – they could forfeit any tie they can’t logistically play.

What’s more, Celtic could find themselves kicked out of Europe through no fault of their own. Similarly, a rival team could suffer the same fate.

Have a full read of the rules which will apply to qualifiers and beyond:

Just as we’re getting ready to go in Europe UEFA have dropped a new set of regulations to remind us all that it could be a fucked up season. To start with, before each draw UEFA will publish known Covid travel restrictions, quarantine requirements, etc, between countries.

The clubs then have to confirm to UEFA that the list is accurate, or to provide an updated list. If they don’t UEFA will use their list. If a club doesn’t inform UEFA of a restriction that then prevents a game going ahead the club that didn’t inform UEFA will forfeit the tie.

If restriction apply to the away team then the home team must propose an suitable alternative venue where the game can be played. This would likely be in a different country. Failure to propose a suitable alternative venue would see the home team forfeit the match.

Similarly, if the away team is restricted by their own country from travelling to/from the game the home team must propose a suitable alternative venue – with UEFA having final say. If either team refuses to play at the alternative venue they will forfeit the match.

If clubs don’t provide accurate information about restrictions UEFA will take the final decision on the match venue. A club refusing to take part will forfeit. The clubs can agree to play at a neutral venue, or at the home of the away team, but only with UEFA’s approval.

The MAJOR rule change which could see Celtic punted out of Europe through no fault of their own.

If after the deadline for clubs to provide updated info on restrictions a new restriction is imposed that prevents the game going ahead, the club whose nation has imposed the new restriction will forfeit the game.

If players/staff test positive, the game will go ahead as long as 13 players from Squad List A are available, i.e. not quarantined. If not enough players are available, the game can be rescheduled if new tests will allow the minimum 13 players to become available.

Deadlines to play rescheduled games QR1 – 21/8 (2/3 days from original date) QR2 – 11/9 (2 and half weeks) QR3 – 18/9 (2/3 days) PO – 25/9 & 1/10 (2/3 days) If the game can’t be rescheduled in time the team who can’t play has to forfeit the match.

If the qualifiers can’t be completed, UEFA will decide themselves who qualifies for the group stage.

The pandemic is so precarious, there could be a chance Celtic submit a venue then before the tie has been played, the country or Glasgow go into lockdown.

This is football during the pandemic and it’s going to be a logistical nightmare as we navigate through qualifiers which will only be one legged, winner take all ties until the play-off round.

So there is a scenario where Celtic miss out on the group stage of the Champions League because of the virus.


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