The Scottish Sun felt compelled to post a story about Jeremie Frimpong and a girl who apparently called him out for not making a move on her.

If that’s not bad enough, they posted the headline ‘Jeremie Frimpong Branded Gay by US Flame’.

Celtic fans quickly saw the headline and were scathing in the comment section on social media.

The non-story being posted and given that headline was outrageous. Instead of getting rid of the article altogether, all they did was change the headline before reposting the story again.


This goes beyond football and gets into the sort of nonsense we see this paper indulge in with celebrities.

Jeremie Frimpong is a young Celtic star who deserves a bit more respect than what’s been shown here.

We’ve contacted the club and have asked for a response to this headline and any action which should be taken as a result of their poor decisions.


  1. Saving his legs for Celtic. Whoever he wishes to attach himself with is His affair. Everybody likes Jerrie anyway. So join the queue.


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