RYAN CHRISTIE was front and centre on SunSport this morning with a headline which took us aback. SunSport wrote ‘Ryan Christie admits he’d give up club glory to taste Scotland success’. We found this headline a bit strange so we got a hold of Ryan’s Scotland quotes before the game against Cyprus today and low and behold he said nothing resembling the headline.

Here are the quotes the paper claim is reason for their headline – you be the judge.

“When you win big tournaments at club level, you get that feeling of pride.

“But that’ll be times 100 if we can do it with our country.

“I have seen all the footage from France 98 with the game against Brazil and all the players wearing kilts. I actually watched a YouTube documentary about it recently and it was really interesting.

“It was good to see that and there is a lot of footage and stories out there that make you want to be part of a finals. To be there next summer would be an incredible experience.

“To qualify and then play a match on home soil at Hampden would be unbelievable.”

The lad is clearly very patriotic but nowhere does it say he’d trade any success with Celtic for success with the national team. It’s made up and the headline is directly trying to stir the pot. We saw a few people online comment underneath a bit disgruntled by the headline and questioning Ryan’s commitment to Celtic as a result. It’s poor stuff and should be called out.

Ryan scored the opening goal for Scotland against Cyprus on Saturday with a sensational effort.


  1. That’s exactly why you don’t take any notice of that rancid rag. They make stuff up just to stir the pot, CUNTS!!!! HH 🍀🇮🇪

  2. Thank you for clearing that RC story up for me. I thought it didn’t sound right but as l don’t buy papers anymore, is it any wonder, it did make me wonder.
    Shit stirring media had me going, as l said, thanks for clearing it up. HH.


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