CHARLIE NICHOLAS has warned Kieran Tierney about how tough the English game is in comparison to Scottish football but he believes the defender would improve Arsenal.

The former Celtic and Arsenal player’s verbiage while talking about the transfer truly shows where his priorities lie when it comes to former clubs.

Kieran Tierney wouldn’t be ‘going’ to Celtic from Nicholas’ perspective but ‘coming’ to Arsenal. It may sound pedantic on our end but it’s a clear indicator of this guys mindset when he’s wheeled out to talk about Celtic when he’s watched more mid-table bore fests in the Premier League than Celtic games since he retired.

Speaking on the Sky Transfer Podcast as cited by SunSport, the pundit gave his opinion on the Kieran Tierney situation. “Well he’d be a big loss (for Celtic).

“I’m not over the top about defenders all the time because being an ex-striker, I like people who are creative and get goals, because it wins you football matches.

“But I do respect the art of defending.

“Tierney has vastly improved at Celtic, become a real top, top defender in terms of the domestic setup in Scotland.

“But in England it’s so much harder, it’s very, very tough.

“If he does come then Arsenal will get an improvement on what they already have by a fair distance in my opinion.

“It would be damage for Celtic but it’s a full-back, it’s a position that you can refill. People will find that.

“They might not get someone as good but in time they will fill the position.”

When we say the Kieran Tierney situation, we have to be mindful that there isn’t really a situation as such. There would only be one if Celtic accepted a bid for the player and Arsenal were forthcoming with funds. Until then, it’s all conjecture and hypothetical debates.



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