Celtic CEO Michael Nicholson

Many fans have felt the need for Celtic Park to go under some improvement work, with parts of the stadium outdated.

Not much work has been done inside the ground since it was built, and the signs are starting to show.

Michael Nicholson confirmed at the Celtic AGM that Celtic are STILL looking into the possibility of developing the stadium but didn’t provide much detail apart from that.

The news will be welcomed by fans, who have been encouraging the club to look at this for several years now. Many sections don’t even have hot running water in the toilets, and in my section, the food kiosk is a hole in the wall!

It would be good if there were a way to improve the capacity, too, with a waiting list that stretched beyond five years. Also, looking at limiting restricted views like many arenas around Europe have, there’s nothing worse than sitting behind a pillar and only being able to see one-half of the pitch.

*CeltsAreHere attended Friday’s Celtic AGM.


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