Some websites have reported Nick Walsh, the referee from Saturday’s game between Celtic and St Johnstone has been demoted to a Championship game midweek because of his poor performance at Celtic Park.

Walsh booked Celtic star Cameron Carter-Vickers for an incident where he was fouled, kicked and nearly punched. The Celtic fans weren’t happy when Chris Kane stayed on the field and their defender was punished for doing absolutely nothing.

Despite the whistler being handed a lower league game, it is by no means a punishment. Walsh has been handed the Ayrshire derby where Ayr will take on Kilmarnock. [SFA]

There is no real mechanism in the SPFL or SFA to punish referees for poor performances. There’s no transparency and there’s no accountability. Scottish football can be tough on referees but it also doesn’t help itself by being so closed off.

There’s nothing out there to let us know why referees are promoted and what they do on a regular basis to get better or learn from their mistakes.

Some of the referees come off as arrogant and seeing some of them lap up media attention on podcasts is also poor.

We’re about to ask the same people to be in charge of new technology by introducing VAR to our game. It just doesn’t sit right with me at all.


  1. Walsh is a coward. A real ref would have been honest and sent off Kane the sKummaster. Var will be another Klan secret society for up and coming klanrefs.
    The whole system stinks from schools football to the Cinch league. Ha Ha – Park can’t give his motors away. He’s blowing smoke up his jaxi. if he thinks tims will flock to his mob for a car. what decent tim would buy a car from him?


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