NICOLA STURGEON has backed calls for Sky Sports to make this weekend’s Glasgow Derby free view TV to encourage people to stay in their homes to watch the games.

The match will be live on Sky Sport on Saturday afternoon but if you don’t have a subscription you either need to shell out for one or at least a day pass for Now TV.

Pleading with people to stay put and not to travel down south to go to bars there, The first minister believes the Sky gesture could go a long way.

Ultimately, there’s an element of our society who don’t care about the rules in place to keep us all safe and they’ll most likely still go visit other people’s homes or do what they like.

If Sky did make it free to view, it could certainly change a few people’s minds.


  1. Gee whiz it’s GRANNY STURGEON, the pied piper of the weans in Scotland is auditioning for the panto part of Grannie scares the weans.
    Anything for publicity. Sorry to bring politics into footie, bit with her outside the stadiums, no wonder the teams are playing to empty terraces, scary….aaarrghhh


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