Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the ‘thuggish’ scenes at Ibrox on Sunday after a Celtic staff member was struck by a bottle during the game.

There were multiple incidents during the tie relating to home fans throwing missiles at Celtic players, during and even after the game.

Asked about the ugly scenes that meant one Celtic staff member had to receive stitches, the First minister didn’t mince her words:

“This behaviour is not acceptable, whether it happens at a football match or in the street.

“People throwing glass bottles is is just not acceptable, it’s mindless, thuggish behaviour and it has no place in any civilised society.

“These are matters for the authorities, obviously, the football authorities and potentially for the police and the criminal justice authorities.

“People should be able to enjoy football.

“Football should be something that people can take their kids to and have a happy joyful occasion and behaviour like that, whether it’s at an Old Firm match or any other football match besmirches that and it should absolutely be seen as unacceptable.”

Celtic have told us the matters is with Police Scotland but the silence from the Ibrox club is troublesome. They are very quick to throw statements out in defence of their own club or for petty matters but when something serious crops up within their own support, they have not been quick off the mark.

It’s just utterly unacceptable this has happened and the club must condemn it. Any decent person should find this utterly despicable. Only one person was hurt but the intention was there to hurt more Celtic staf and players.

The safety of ALL players on the park is paramount. IF Celtic are not satisfied with the ibrox club’s response, they should have zero fans inside the stadium come the final derby of the season.

Quotes via RecordSport.


  1. If you want the Fans to listen then a big fine for the club £50k that will stop it thrown bottles at people and broken glass on the pitch that puts both sets players life at risk..we do need to hit out at this with a big fine from the.



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