Ex-Rangers captain Barry Ferguson is telling his fellow Gers fans they need to suck it up if the SPFL get around to declaring Celtic the 19/20 league champions. The Bhoys were just a few more wins away from a record-equalling ninth title in a row only to be stopped by a worldwide deadly pandemic.

With meetings about meetings and the suits going around in circles trying to find a solution, there hasn’t been too many of a blue persuasion with the attitude of Ferguson. We doubt his comments will go down well with the gang at Ibrox as they have all been spinning something completely different.

They want the season null and void. The season was void when they never came back from their holidays in January and Celtic went on a relentless winning spree as they did the previous season.

Over the weekend the ex-Gers manager Mark Warburton said the season had to be finished one way or another for the integrity of the sport.

Now that call is been echoed by the now pundit who was speaking on PLZ Soccer, Ferguson declared:

“I don’t think they should scrap it. If we can’t play any football then there is going to be decisions made.”

“If that means there are champions and relegation and a bit of reconstruction then we’ll have to accept it and get on with it.

“I’ll go for the Rangers side if Celtic are going to be made champions I doubt there will be many happy Rangers fans but if that’s the decision the SPFL make you just have to get on with it.”

Neil Lennon joked on the radio last night when Chris Sutton asked if the shoe was on the other foot would he accept Rangers as champions. The Celtic manager joked that he would never ever concede anything to Rangers. When we say he joked, he was laughing but he is probably deadly serious.


  1. Are rangers letting Celtic win their ninth trophy in exchange for there administration to go a head , shed there debt once again, and have no penalty points starting next yea,r if so should Celtic refuse the SFA and rangers plea .


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