It was only May 5th when Peter Lawwell hailed Celtic’s new partnership with New Balance as a record breaking kit deal. Moving away from Nike many Celtic fans were happy with the switch and that Celtic had got a bigger deal than any previous.

It was even better when the two new kits were released and both were keeping with Celtic tradition and universally hailed as aesthetically pleasing. Since their release many Celtic fans have took up the opportunity to get these new jerseys but not everyone is happy with our new kit maker.

There have been many fans that have taken to social media to complain about the quality of the tops. The major grievance from the fans is the Magners transfer onto the top easily peels off after a couple of washes and in some extreme cases starts coming off after the jersey has only been wore once.

We found such a case online with @Wee_Kezza.

Kerry was lucky enough to take advantage of a 40%Off code from New Balance after the company accidentally sent it out. She purchased the new away jersey and was one of the very few who managed to get their order from New Balance who over-sold the top in the first place.

On getting the top she wore it to the recent Celtic game and was shocked to find the shirt sponsor transfer started peeling off almost immediately. Taking to twitter @wee_Kezza stuck pictures up of the jersey.



Absolutely shocking quality from our record breaking kit deal.

Kerry wrote to New Balance about the top and here was their response.


“Sorry to hear it did not work out for you” had to be the best line of a rather flimsy and unhelpful retort to a genuine grievance from a Celtic fan.

Luckily enough for Kerry also took her complaint to Celtic themselves who were much more helpful than New Balance and quickly offered to exchange the faulty top for a new one at her local Celtic shop. She has since had it replaced.

We have been told Celtic are aware of the problem and we would urge anyone who has problems with their new tops to contact Celtic directly as well as taking it up with New Balance who also sent this message out.


Celtic fans are paying good money for these jersey’s and it’s highly unacceptable to receive such poor quality in return. The fact that Kerry’s case isn’t an isolated incident is troublesome and something New Balance will have to address if fans are going to have confidence in them going forward.

A new European Kit will be unveiled by New Balance and the club tomorrow, they would do very well to avoid the problems they’ve had with the first two.

We would also like to add that if anybody who had their order cancelled by New Balance with the 40%OFF code and have a new code to use by the end of July we have been assured that if you contact New Balance they will provide a code beyond July if the shirt you want isn’t in stock by the end of the month.