CELTIC FANS have ridiculed a piece by a Leeds blogger who must have been fishing for bites with the headline ‘Can Tom Rogic Take The Step Up for Leeds’.

The papers down south have reported that Leeds are interested in Celtic’s midfield dynamo for around £4-5milllion, however, there is no foundation to these reports and its wishful thinking on their part.

Tom Rogic is a big game player for Celtic who always seems to pop up at the right time when Celtic need someone to be counted.

The Australian is playing at this years World Cup and has played Champions League and Europa League football – so the very notion that he would need to take a ‘step up’ to play for Leeds was met by universal derision from Celtic fans.



  1. The Usual Typical Nonsense from the Self Loving Engerliesh Clubs,Thinking they can get our best players for literally Tuppence.A step up??ffs They are just as Deloodeid as Sevco.They dont want us in there League but want our players.Mon The HooPs HH

  2. Only people that are ‘stepping up’ are Leeds as they are punching above their weight in the championship!
    Even at their best (1970) I watched them getting pumped by Celtic!

  3. Why would rogic want to join Leeds ushited? He plays in Europe for Celtic every season ,the only way Leeds would get into Europe would be on holiday. More shite from the English no marks

  4. In 1970 every English paper had Celtic as cannon fodder for Leeds.
    Ahem….we won home and away.
    Leeds are skint….doubt they could afford the reported 4-5 million….lol.


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