It has been said before but we’ll say it again – We’re very, very lucky to have Brendan Rodgers at Celtic.

In Brendan Rodgers, Celtic have a man in charge that knows what it’s all about. Supporting the club as a bhoy, the Celtic manager understands what’s expected because he once was that expectant fan.

The Irishman brings his Celtic passion to the job but he also brings everything he has done and learned in life and in his managerial career.

When anyone speaks to the Celtic gaffer on a human level, his insight, intellect, pragmatism and genuine aura shine through.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday about his life and what lead him to Celtic – the manager’s enthusiasm and belief in himself and the club is second to none.

‘Celtic is one of the great clubs of the world. There’s a pressure here that’s different. You have to win every game. There’s not a club in England that has that. You can go to Old Trafford as Liverpool manager and get a draw and it’s not a bad result.

‘At Celtic, there’s an expectancy to win home and away. I’ve been 10 years as a manager now and I’ve done a lot of learning. The biggest thing you can have as a football manager is happiness and energy. Sometimes, if you are doing OK, people tend to want to move you. It’s the way it is.’

‘But I’m in a position where I’m in my dream job. As a guy from Northern Ireland who supported Celtic and worked in football, I’m living my dream here.’


  1. And long may we continue to have Brendan as our boss Bhoys & Ghirls because we’ll never find anyone to manage us who lives and loves Celtic as much as him. I keep waiting on one these English money clubs coming in to snatch him away, and although Arsenal WILL eventually come calling, I really can’t see him leaving a team he adores, to manage an English team who’re happy winning a F.A cup every few years at MOST. IF anybody had to turn his head, it’d HAVE to be Chelsea, Man Utd, or Man City, and even then, WOULD HE WANT TO LEAVE?? I can only pray not, and he’ll continue being happy qualifying for the Champions League every year and keep bettering us that bit more every year, until hopefully we’re in a position to compete better against the P.S.G’s and Bayern’s, and I’d he can do that, then he’ll be able to leave, or retire, happy in the knowledge that it was HIM and him alone who was actually PROVED to make us better. I’d LOVE that. Or at least until we get to that magic number of 10 in a row Bhoys & Ghirls, am I right, or am I right??

  2. Davie bhoy, your’e absolutely right,Brendan WILL be here for TEN,at the very least,of that i am convinced.
    I agree with you Chelsea,Utd or City may be his next destination after TEN and hopefully Euro progression are achieved.Of course the S.M.S.M. will do everything they can to derail the Brendan driven Celtic/juggernaut,abetted by the S.F.A. they will stop at nothing in trying to scupper “Ten In A Row” and to end
    Brendan’s tenure at Celtic.Their efforts will all be in vain,as Brendan with Tommy Burn’s voice whispering in his ear “see i told you would become Celtic manager one day” will stamp his own mark in Celtics history,firstly with the treble added to last seasons HISTORIC invincible treble,making a HISTORIC back to back trebles,then it will be on wards to TEN IN A ROW ELEVEN,TWELVE,THIRTEEN,FOURTEEN ETC ETC ETC.


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