CELTIC released their six month interim report this afternoon and it makes for impressive reading!

Revenue is up! Profit is up! In Europe beyond Christmas. It’s been a great six months for the club. These reports don’t take into account any January transfer business, nor will it show our cut of the Virgil van Dijk record transfer.

Operational Highlights

• Currently top of the SPFL Premiership

• Winners of the Scottish League Cup for the second season in a row

• 19 home fixtures (2016: 18)

• Successfully qualified for the Group Stages of UEFA Champions League

• Secured European football after Christmas by qualifying for the round of 32 of the Europa League

Financial Highlights

• Revenue increased by 16.8% to £71.5m (2016: £61.2m)

• Profit from trading was £23.7m (2016: £21.4m)

• Profit from transfer of player registrations (shown as profit on disposal of intangible assets) £0.5m (2016: £2.0m)

• Profit before taxation of £19.5m (2016: £18.6m)

• Profit after taxation of £17.4m (2016: £18.6m)

• Period end net cash at bank of £30.9m (2016: £18.6m)


I am pleased to report on our interim results for the period ended 31 December 2017. These show revenue of £71.5m (2016: £61.2m) and a profit from trading of £23.7m (2016: £21.4m). Overall this resulted in a profit before taxation of £19.5m (2016: £18.6m) and a period end net cash at bank of £30.9m (2016: £18.6m). The introductory page to these interim results summarises the main highlights.


  1. Important to note the headline is innacurate in its wording.
    The tribute club at Ibrokes has not obtained an overdraft but a short term loan secured loan at punitive rates of interest from a lender of last resort on an adjacent crumbling building and a key car park whose availability is tied into the stadium safety certificate as an emergency evacuation musterpoint
    More debt piling up as Dave King moves towards the financial version of death row with the takeover panel.
    No happy ending for the forces of darkness here

  2. Our Club doesnt have to blatantly Cheat to try and better Any Team in Scotland.We Are ALWAYS The Best Club in Scotland,By a Egyptian Mile.What an Absolute Great Feeling It Is,Just Being A Tim.This Is How It Feels To Be Celtic,Indeed.;)HH

  3. Sevco getting a Loan?And Suave Dave Will be there Again.When the Sh.te hits the Fan.And Admin comes a knocking,How the Lying King got past as Fit and Proper is a joke.Now that Regans left Hunden,Will any light shine on Oldco and the Raking over the Coals…..Disgraceful Peepul.


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