Both Glasgow clubs fell to another defeat in the Europa League on matchday two but there was a stark difference in the coverage of both games from matchday one.

BT sport set up camp at whatever club is playing at home that week but broadcast both games and have two sets of pundits for each game.

The broadcaster had to quickly put something together on Matchday one after Chris Sutton and Neil Lennon were denied access to Ibrox stadium in order to do a job they were going to be paid for.

The Ibrox club cited security reasons for the duo not being allowed in the ground. A reason that has both shocked and made the club a laughing stock among many pundits.

The stark contrast on Thursday night at Celtic Park was ex-Ibrox players were absolutely fine entering the stadium and doing their job without any fear of risk.

There was no need for bodyguards or to lock them out of the ground. Celtic happily facilitated the trio and it went off without a hitch.

What does this say about the support at Ibrox if their club perceives they wouldn’t be able to behave themselves at the sight of a former Celtic player or two.


  1. Facing the truth, some fans can’t face the truth. No matter who or where it comes from. Time to grow up, your both shi7e in Europe and you know you are.

  2. Jesus, is this the only positive from last night. Rangers men escape abuse at Celtic Park. That is because the crowd were too bust rightfully abusing the cowardly no marks in Celtic jerseys. However, I still don’t see why anyone wrote this silly piece. Better to stay silent today. Nothing needs to be said unless you are having a sweepstake on Anges sack day. I am bringing it forward from January 3rd to December 13th. He will be able to have his Christmas dinner on the beach. Dead Man walking.


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