NEIL LENNON has hit back at suggestions he should be sacked saying there’s no justification for him to face the chop at this point.

There has been talk of Lennon losing his job among pundits, with his former player Kris Commons saying the Celtic manager could be out of a job by next week.

However, the Celtic gaffer has come out swinging, speaking to Alison Conroy.

Celtic are six points off the pace in the SPFL with a game in hand, it’s not exactly quite the crisis people are making it ut to be. Given the stakes, this season, hysteria surrounding the club is at an all-time high and not even this writer is immune to an over-emotional reaction.

Context and patience are needed, ripping up the playbook now would put our ambitions for this season in major jeopardy.

The more I become detached from Sunday’s draw, the more I believe Neil Lennon should be the man to either win the ten or lose it.



  1. For God sake, stop the not picking, and get behind Lenny!. Why in God’s name would you want to change your manager at this point of the season??. Please, just let us all get behind him.!! He WILl deliver the TEN, as most of this hysteria is coming from the free mason/ orange order run newspapers, and we should not be interested in their opinions .. We have been forecasting what the media and refs would do this season, and low and behold, we see what’s happening.! Come on Celtic supporters, get behind Lenny and the team, and if any of you are not wanting to put your shoulders too the wheel, go shout on sevco, because you are all helping them with your moaning!.. Hail Hail and on for the TEN.!!

  2. When sitting behind Neil Lennon at many a reserve game at the Excelcior. He spoke of becoming the reserve manager. Danny McGrain reckoned he would get the job, then the big squad too (which he did) He never expected the big job so soon. But welcomed it (and all the stress of being a winner week in and out) We spoke of the future And he said ‘if the fans boo me from the stands, and want my head on a stick and I’m in agreement with them, I will walk’.

    We’re all Neil Lennon. Keep it in yer pants, and look forwards. As I believe he is trying his best, as that is all he can give.


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