BRENDAN RODGERS has given his clearest indication to date that he will be looking to move on some of his underperforming Celts in January.

Speaking after a lacklustre performance against a poor Ibrox side, the Irishman is clear he wants to shake things up.

If the last month is any indication of performances going forward then Rodgers must show his underperformers the door.

It seems they started the winter break at the beginning of December!


  1. as i have said on more than one occassion here , brendan has his own agenda , and knows the game inside and out , so lets give him the space to do this, i challange anyone to doubt his performance with our club , he has always come up trumps, and will always put celtic to the foremost, as for mister nice guy , brendan will always be that , but he does things with dignity , and treats people with respect, so he will do what has to be done , but in a respectfull way , so lets see this great man and our great team rise even higher , we are the best supporters in the world , so lets start to do this , and get behind our great club and manager remember our pledge in brendan we trust , good bless all at paradise .

  2. We actually made Sevco look decent today with some of our players and there lacklustre performances.It looked like A few of our players didnt even want to be There…..Cmon Brendan show some the door and some the bench.Im certain we have young guns who are absolutely itching for a Game..HH

    • Absolutely agree 100% there is too much look what we have won in the last 18 months. Not enough honesty in saying quite a few players have been carried long enough. Lustig, Boyata, McGregor and Armstrong to name a few, have been dreadful at times and our results have proved this. Too many lacklustre displays with misplaced passes etc have cost us in games. Brendan must take some blame for being too loyal to certain players, Sinclair , Dembele and others that have struggled in games and should have been taken off at half time or sooner. I am not unrealistic, having been a season ticket holder and watched Celtic for over 50 years, I’ve seen great, good and bad teams in the past. I will always be a supporter with dreams and hopes HH Joe

  3. Lustig and Armstrong should be the first 2 out the door the minute the window opens, Lustig is done and Armstrong is a coward and an imposter, he’s had 6 good moths in 3 years, let him got his dreamland down south, he wil be back in Scotland at Hibs or the Diets within 2 years

    • Armstrong, yes. Lustig has had an excellent season with a poor game today. Don’t be so short sighted! Armstrong tried to engineer a move away in the summer and it blew up in his face when no-one came in for him, so he signed a new contract. But his actions have been cancerous. He would never play for us again if it was up to me, but I still trust Rodgers to do the right thing. Hail Hail and Happy New Year

      • Agreed Joe. It is poor form targeting Lustig, who gives his all every time.
        He is most certainly not done and needs a rest. Unfortunately, injuries to the other right backs have meant he has not had a rest and he also spent some time covering at CB.

      • Why on earth is Liam Henderson not in the picture every bit as good as Armstrong, better than McGregor and both bottled 50/50 challenges in the 2nd half to set the tone and Scott Sinclair needs a break. Happy New Year to all the Celtic family how far away is young Ralston Hail Hail

  4. I’ve said it before today already Ntcham playing alongside Broony, who played with a swagger today, would have seen a different outcome Armstrong and Dembele have their heads elsewhere and Sinclair has been posted missing, they need to know if they play poor they get dropped, hopefully Brendan is ruthless or like other managers will he play favourites

  5. Some of the players started their winter break in August.
    BR got his selection wrong today. Ntcham should have started ahead of Armstrong and McGregor.
    Griffiths should have come on and partnered Dembele, not replaced him. He was so successful last year because he changed his formation during games. This year he’s stickin to 451 no matter what.
    Should have gone 352 when Griffiths came on. They don’t have the players or manager to alter their shape or tactics mid game. I’d have taken off Forrest or Sinclair when Griffiths came on.

  6. After watching the game today,I would be very surprised if any team come in for any Celtic player.this could be a good thing,if we add three or four quality players in the areas that we are obviously lacking in.this would create slot of competition in these area’s and we are in a position that we can afford the wage bill.

  7. Scott Brown was outstanding in the first half. In the second he was playing more as a centre half and the rest of the midfield was hiding until ntcham came on.

  8. Lacking any guile since Commons discarded. Brendan has done an incredible job since taking over from Deila but this year we are a tad pedantic, predictable and pedestrian. Injuries to Paddy Roberts have left us short. Personally would love to see a more mature Aiden McGeady back in the hoops. A marriage made in heaven and for not a lot of money. Do the deal! Give us a lift and bring a bit of excitement back to the stadium!

  9. Aiden MC Greedy?? The only good thing he has done for us was to give us a huge transfer fee.If you can tell me any great game he played for us,I would like to hear it!! Just another “no bad,but,so inconsistent”player who would NEVER be mentioned in the top 50 great Celtic players

  10. How dembele was kept on so long is unbelieveable, he is a waste of space, Griffith’s must be sick watching him, lustig and Gordon can be added to transfer list, and ntcham should have been on from start. When was the last time dembele had a good game?.

  11. Too much inconsistence. Against Aberdeen just a few weeks ago they were excellent in the 2nd half. If we had seen some of that fight we would have one. I would always seriously question any Celtic player ‘not up for these games. Ntchamp should have started and we should have had two up front against a woeful defence and terrorised them.
    Sinclair is not the same player as last year and although he can play, Armstrong is far too inconsistent.
    Changes are needed and let’s hope they come back with more than a topped up tan.

  12. Poor performance from Celtic. The manager got it wrong by picking Armstrong instead of Ntcham. Then putting Ntcham on rather than a more attack minded player. Was Johnstone on the bench? If so he should have come on. But if ever their is proof that they are Sevco and not Rangers it is the overreaction of their deluded supporters. Two mouth-bveathing farmers from Ayrshire were on BT support saying teh future is bright for Rangers. Clearly these morons are illiterate and cannot read the evidence of their financial peril and the soft loans needed to survive. Then the two up to their knees chaps criticise the Celtic support for booing at the end and don’t seem to be able to work that Celtic supporters expect to take 6 off the terrible new rangers because they are not rangers they are a terrible impoverished tribute act of a dead club. The booing is due to the humiliation of drawing against them. 0-0 each at home against them is viewd as worse than a 4-0 defeat away to Hearts such is the state of the clubs. Aberdeen supporters were as humiliated by losing twice to them and Hibs battered them and still lost.

  13. Lustig is finished and should be shipped out asap along with Armstrong who should not be there as he is not interested. Simunovic is another one who cannot wait to leave and apparently Boyata is the same. Hopefully, these guys will be punted but I don’t see them raising much money. I would sell Sinclair because he is playing like the real Scott Sinclair now last season was exceptional. He has done this throughout his career; at Swansea then he gets a big move and does nothing. It would be a good time to sell him and Dembele. The performance against Sevco has been much the same as the rest of this season. Celtic have only played really well on a few occasions. The team needs refreshed.


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