The SFA Youth Cup Final promises to be a memorable event for the young players participating in the event.

However, it’s a shame that the youngsters can’t be cheered on by a bumper crowd when Celtic take on The Rangers at Hampden on April 25th.

This game stopped being open to the public after violence erupted back in 2014 with morons using the game as an excuse to act like thugs.

This means every fixture since then has been behind closed doors with the two clubs carefully selecting who can go to the event.

The likes of Karamoko Dembele will be on show and the chance to see the wee man up close would be something a lot of Celtic fans would have paid to see.

The SFA sent out this message on tickets: “As per previous years, both clubs will distribute an allocation of tickets through their community and academy programmes.

“Please note, there will be no general sale.”

The saving grace for many is BBC Scotland has picked the match up to be televised so there will be at least the opportunity to sit down and watch the young Celtic’s in action.


  1. Football without the fans is nothing
    The SFA by their non action against the tribute act have made this game a no go
    Fans being stabbed is the norm in Scotland now, and it’s the tribute act fans who’s doing the stabbing.
    The sense of entitlement by the zombies is laughable
    The scum can do no wrong in the eyes of their sectarian masters
    The SFA is killing our game
    They let there beloved rangers commit suicide and try to tell us that we are wrong and that this rotten toxic mob are still the same club
    276 have been told to jog on as they look for their hundreds of millions
    Shame on the SFA

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