Chris Sutton has not pulled any punches after hearing Stuart Armstrong is heading for the Parkhead exit.

The former Celtic striker was unapologetic as he posted the below tweet.

The BT pundit was told he was too harsh on Armstrong but again, while he praised the player’s talent, he questioned Armstrong’s respect levels.

Celtic stand to make around £7million for the midfielder’s departure which seems like a win.

Armstrong has underperformed lately and wanted go leave with one-year left on his deal. To get as large a fee form someone who can sign on a pre-contact in six months is good business.



  1. Bg Sutty is Correct about Armstrong.Atleast we can get a decent replacement for him.Someone who will fight for the Celtic Cause.It wasnt about Celtic with Armstrong,It was About Armstrong.He wants money instead of Medals Trophies etc.Goodluck to Him and like Sutty says,Good Riddance.Some fans may not like what they read regarding Armstrong,Thats too bad,We all have opinions.And there is Only One Celtic.We are Lucky in that Respect.HH


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