Tasha Flint has officially embarked on a new chapter in her football career, announcing her move to the United States where she will join Tampa Bay Sun FC.

Celtic womens

This comes after a prolific stint at Celtic, where Flint left a significant mark during her loan spells.

During her time with Celtic, Flint played a pivotal role in the team’s successes, clinching a Scottish Cup winners’ medal in May 2023 and a SWPL1 title in May 2024 after arriving back in Glasgow for the title push.

Her impact was so profound that each time her loan period concluded, there was a strong clamour among supporters for Celtic to secure her services on a permanent basis. Flint’s ability to perform in crucial moments, scoring key goals in significant matches, only amplified the fans’ affection for her.

Prior to her second stint at Celtic, Flint had signed with Liverpool, where despite her proven abilities, she found first-team opportunities to be limited. This situation led to her returning to Celtic on loan, a move that seemed to benefit all parties involved as she continued to excel and demonstrate her scoring prowess.

After her latest loan period ended, and despite returning to Liverpool, there remained a glimmer of hope among the Celtic fans that the club might find a way to bring her back permanently. However, Flint has now chosen to pursue her career in the United States.


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