Celtic controlled most of the game tonight and a moment of madness put the bhoy’s passage to the playoffs at risk in the second half. In the end, a VERY late penalty converted by new recruit Moussa Dembele saw off FC Astana who offered very little.

The focus immediately goes to this Friday’s draw where Celtic will find out who stands in their way of the Champions League group stages. With that in mind, Celtic must now stop with the tedious negotiating, humming and hawing and deliver Brendan Rodgers some quality recruits.

We wrote earlier this week that the game tonight would likely decide if the board will splash out for the new manager, with the bhoys now through the tie the board must take the initiative.

The fans backed the team in their thousands tonight now they must back the team and reward the support.

With Aston Villa stepping up their own recruiting effort there could be very quick movement on the stagnant Scott Sinclair transfer. The interest from other players wanting a crack at the Champions League will also be there.

No time to waste! Back Brendan now!




  1. Agree. The team is top heavy with players who are utterly unreliable and short of character. We may get away with one or two such players but we made hard work out of a game tonight . We need to strengthen NOW.

  2. They must back Rodgers up????….Sez who? The Celtic board are so tight that when they walk their arse squeaks! The past two years they gambled on NOT signing quality players BEFORE the CL Group Stages — and they lost out both times! How much did that cost the club?

    This year they gambled once again, telling the gullible that “We’re working on some things in the background” while pushing the fans to buy season tickets — but refusing once again to spend on decent quality players while hoping their gamble pays off THIS time.

    Celtic FC is being run purely as a business despite all of the rhetoric about “the Celtic family” and all of the other rubbish designed to tug at your heartstrings. A winning team is secondary to the bottom line, which is the be-all and end-all for the moneymen who now run the club. So don’t expect any marquee or even big-name signings. As long as the mugs pay through the nose to watch inferior players play inferior football “the Celtic family” myth will continue.

  3. Celtic made very heavy weather of the game tonight. I thought I was still watching the RD era. Yes. We made it through but it is so obvious we need players who are a step up in class. Trouble is one word: Lawwell!!

  4. Yep. This must have been a bitter sweet result tonight. A great one for everyone personally but it should “cost” him a few million at least. It’s not rocket science though. This amount now and the return should be in the region of £10 million.

  5. Yes lovelle you have spend cash now and get at least 3 of the 4 players Brenden has picked out so repay the fans the way we fallow use all the way it’s Ower 50th anniversary of the Lisbon lyons this year so if you don’t back us we can do the same to you and stop bye hitting you in your pocket and dermontt Desmond aswell he said he wanted Brenden so back him hail hail let’s see?????

  6. I didn’t see any great improvement in last night’s performance. It was just like watching RD’s side.There is a lot of dead wood at Celtic Park, which has to be shipped out and replaced with a bit of quality


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