Former Celtic Chairman Fergus McCann has taken aim at Hampden and why the stadium should be scrapped going forward in an exclusive with The Herald.

Fergus, who had dealings with the SFA and Queens Park officials back in the 94/95 season when Celtic had to rent the stadium while renovation work took place at Celtic Park recalls the pettiness involved.

“In charge of Celtic, and having to rent the stadium for the 94/95 season, I had to tolerate the mean-spirited behaviour of Queen’s Park officials throughout that period.”

“This began with a clause in the lease – a ‘deal breaker’ as their attorney made clear – that forbade ‘the display of any foreign flag.’”

While it says the use of any foreign flag, we all know what flag they did not want flying anywhere near Hampden Park.

Celtic proudly display a tri-colour above Celtic Park along with the saltire because of the clubs history and roots. While at Hampden this was forbidden for petty reasons, but it gives you a glimpse as to what Celtic were up against.

Speaking about the stadium itself now, McCann did not pull any punches and believes it should be torn down.

“There is no case for a Football Association to operate a stadium.

“Many countries, including the Netherlands, Italy and Spain have no national stadium or need for one.”



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