BRENDAN RODGERS has come to the defence of the Celtic fans after thug Shay Logan tried to tar some of the support giving him pelters as racists.

In reality, the supporters dislike of Logan comes down to him playing the pantomime villain and nothing to do with the colour of his skin.

When asked to comment on Shay’s accusations, Rodgers was straight to the point.

‘There has obviously been an ongoing thing with young Shay since an incident I was made aware of when I first came in.

‘But, listen, the Celtic supporters were voted the best supporters in the world.

‘And I think that says it all in terms of the ambience at the stadium. How they behave themselves.

‘So it’s not something I want to go into and it’s not something the Celtic supporters are ever, ever renowned for.

‘It’s a wonderful atmosphere at Celtic Park, of course.’

Rodgers made reference to Shay’s petulance at the end of the season where the player saw red for trying to strike a fellow professional.

‘It probably doesn’t help yourself if you walk about after the game and make all sorts of gestures.

‘But the Celtic supporters have been given their title last year and there’s a reason why. So there’s not other comment on it.


  1. We have Scotty Sinclair,Who has been racially Abused.Logan is a Ridiculous Liar,Simple As..His antics at Parkhead were nothing more than Attention Seeking.We should file a complaint about this little arsewipe

  2. What a hateful shit of a man , playing the race card yet again , not sure what his agenda is now , I see Gannon is also on the same bandwagon , and his indignation on race issues only seem to surface when celtic are mentioned . And the best fan award he has dismissed as nonsense , Logan you are a liar With no credibility , Gannon anything for a negative headline .


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