Celtic were playing in the Europa League on Thursday with a large travelling support.

Around 1800 made the journey to watch their side play Salzburg in Matchday two of the competition.

When the crowd panned to the fans in the Celtic end there was one fan holding his scarf aloft and well, it had a four-letter word on it aimed at England.

This prompted the account below to exclaim that ‘No wonder many of us (English) prefer Rangers’.

The scarf looks like a keepsake from an Ireland international game and it’s very likely the man holding the scarf high above his head is Irish himself.

With that in mind, given the history between Ireland and England, we can’t begrudge the fan his opinion.

There is huge support for Celtic down south, and we don’t think this will be aimed at all the good people of England but just the ‘wrong yins’ who as this twitter account puts ‘prefer Rangers*’ and most likely voted for Brexit.

I’m sure having a blue passport will console them


  1. It’s a stupid comment from a stupid person in reaction to a stupid person holding up a stupid scarf.
    The English person who reacted with this comment is every bit as bad, for not using reason to disentangle the situation. Both are guilty of using public platforms to promote their own hatred.

  2. It’s a childish scarf, offensive to many Celtic fans, and is borderline racist. Cringeworthy stuff. And as for it being Irish, I’ve never seen scarf on sale anywhere here in Ireland at any sporting occasion.

  3. I was at the game and I was totally ashamed of about 50% of our supporters. Before the game started Salzburg brought on a pipe band at the opposite side of where we were located. When thee band played the Flower of Scotland these cretins booed our national anthem.
    Celtic are a Scottish club, so what do they want. Do they want to be part of the UK or be independent like Ireland ?

  4. I’ve got to say I agree with the sentiment. England’s culpable for most of what’s wrong in the world today. If you look at their redrawing of borders in the middle East for example: it’s obviously been done by some monacled Rupert f***wit with a an atlas, a ruler and a a big feckin inky inside 5 minutes without one iota of consideration to local customs, sensitivities or requirements. They can also call on regiments of Ghurkas, Sikhs
    , Scots, Welsh and Irish to go and fight and die in their mindless wars then treat them like garbage. The guys scarf – I’d guess – isn’t aimed at your average English guy (ist of whom are subject to the same disdain if they’d only wake up to it) but at a white supremacist elite that’s to blame for most of what’s wrong in the world today. ‘We are the people’ on a bigger stage and nobody else matters – even mugs who’re willing to sacrifice themselves for king or queen of country. I agree with the guy: f**k England. And that’s no insult or disreslect to the people of Newcastle, Manchester or Liverpool who’re getting shafted by these barstewards. F**k England!

    • Well said Stevie. I’m of the same view, I hate England but not because of the average person. I rate English folk the same as anyone else – using the ol’ “Chewing The Fat” scale of “good guy/wank”. Every country on Earth has it’s share of both but I don’t despise every country on Earth. England is different though, for so many reasons. I just cannot give them anything approaching respect or support whilst they treat every other nation in the UK (but especially Scotland) with such blatant contempt. This Brexit nonsense is the icing on a pretty shitey cake, and frankly I see no end to the English bawbaggery any time soon. I read someone recently post “Left wing, right wing….same bird” and that is so true of Westminster. Democracy in the UK is a total illusion, everything is done to enrich the elite and to hell with us plebs. Their ruling elite have always been snidey bastards throughout history and that will never change. They’ve done one good thing in stopping Hitler (with plenty of help, no matter how they try to spin it). Apart from that they have caused death and devastation the world over and should be bloody ashamed of themselves but no, we have to put up with exceptionalist arsewipes like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Hitler.

      I’m with the scarf; F**K ENGLAND!

  5. I’d prefer Fcuk Scotland tbh. Home of a club that refused employment to Irish people RCs for decades. An FA that ignores cheating and tax dodging and a cowardly football media. And not forgetting their referees

      • There’ll always be an England – more’s the pity for every other poor bar steward on the planet. Marauding murdering filth. Come and join us murdering and raping Mao Mao, Malaysians etc. Just don’t expect any help when you’re sent back to your slums again when it’s all finished. And don’t DARE turn up for any remembrance services if you’re missing limbs or are in any other way offensive to the eye. Mystifies me how people still willingly fall for this pish!

  6. And as for the Paris buns with their big razzamatazz help for heroes sash bash a few years ago with all the proceeds going to veterans charities; lest we forget and all that. Guess what! When it came to divvying up the cash – nae kidding! – they forgot! You couldn’t mark their neck with a Bunsen burner.

  7. Fuck England Scotland Mary hill police. Dealing with some issues now we truly are a political club , haven’t sold out by joining the peace process , still there with rifles and grenades blaming everything on England and nothing in the perpetrators , it’s an offensive scarf , the Austrians offer a good will gesture we throw it back in ther faces , I love this club with all my heart , but it’s worse now than when jock stein was appealing to the fans to just support celtic . Your political historical hate is a personal hate . Keep it personal

  8. Let’s talk about ‘perpetrators’ John. And a good deal of this history is pretty recent. E.g. the Ballymurphy Massacre, Bloody Sunday, the Miami Showband atrocity. All carried out by your good old tommies and the blame laid squarely on ‘the baddies’. Life’s no a western John and we’re only getting the truth now. Only the other week we’d a top Brit commander bragging that most – just let that sink in John, MOST! – of the IRA bombs of the 1970s were actually planted by British forces in false flag operations. Just how naive are you? And I didn’t instigate this conversation by the way. I’m responding to something that somebody thought was worth commenting on and trying to shed a bit of light on why people might harbour these feelings. Take your head out your arse John.

    • I do know and understand the history , the brutality the oppression , I even you will accept that the situation has altered since those days and the guns have been put aside , I feel uncomfortable with some of the songs we sing re rifles grenades the ira but thanks for your patronising comments and history lesson. I just feel we could maybe join the peace process , oh and by the way I am no union jock , they are not my Brit’s don’t put me in a category . I have and do argue the republican case ‘ just don’t feel right about Birmingham Guildford the dropinwell ect ect bombings I know you can justify them o can’t maybe it’s because I have my head up my arse and not an enlightened individual like you

    • How patronising , I really do not need a history lesson from you I am fully aware of the oppression , the collusion , the executions , the murder torture , and the horrible damage done to families of the victims , I do have a good knowledge of the history of particularly the occupied part of ulster , so my head is not up my arse , I am no union jock , they are not my Tommy’s I do not support the continued occupation of Ireland . I support celtic and I feel uncomfortable when we sing certain songs particularly in England , I did not like the fuck England scarf , you may think that makes me a traitor . I respect your opinion . History lesson not required . Insulting head up my arse not required .

  9. Apology due John. Didn’t mean to come across as patronising. But I took exception to your comment about my ‘political historical hate’. I think there’s plenty reason for it and I’m constantly frustrated at the success of the state propanda machine’s ability to convince even obviously intelligent guys like yourself that only one side in this are perpetrators as you put it. Having said I didn’t mean to offend and I’m sorry.

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