Celtic were playing in the Europa League on Thursday with a large travelling support.

Around 1800 made the journey to watch their side play Salzburg in Matchday two of the competition.

When the crowd panned to the fans in the Celtic end there was one fan holding his scarf aloft and well, it had a four-letter word on it aimed at England.

This prompted the account below to exclaim that ‘No wonder many of us (English) prefer Rangers’.

The scarf looks like a keepsake from an Ireland international game and it’s very likely the man holding the scarf high above his head is Irish himself.

With that in mind, given the history between Ireland and England, we can’t begrudge the fan his opinion.

There is huge support for Celtic down south, and we don’t think this will be aimed at all the good people of England but just the ‘wrong yins’ who as this twitter account puts ‘prefer Rangers*’ and most likely voted for Brexit.

I’m sure having a blue passport will console them