THe North Curve Celtic social media page which delivers news on behalf of the Green Brigade posted a fresh Cup final video after Sunday’s win against Hearts in the Scottish Cup Final.

The green brigade, along with other fans greeted the team bus before the game, trying to inspire the players before heading into an empty stadium.

The support didn’t stop there; after a stressful and anxiety-inducing game, the bhoys won on a penalty shootout to make it history.

Four trebles in a row and if the fans could;t be in there to celebrate then they would be outside to again cheer the players out of the stadium.

It’s been a hard season so far but the release as Ajer’s penalty hit the back of the net was heard all around the country as Celtic fans danced up and down their livingrooms.

Here is the GB’s new video, celebrating the amazing achievement by the club and this group of players.



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