Never a dull day in Scottish football, even when two of the Glasgow sides have left the country.

With Celtic in Dubai and The Rangers in Florida living the dream in America’s answer to the Champions League you would think we would have a quiet couple of weeks but the show must go on.

Today, we saw a snot wiping Gers player seemingly blowing his nose on a pair of shorts with the Ibrox clubs logo emblazoned on them as he finalised his loan deal in Mexico. Maybe, the shorts were just for comfort or Pena’s allergies were acting up.

Moving swiftly on, Joe Allen to Celtic speculation grew as Oddschecker slashed the price on The Potters star reuniting with his former Liverpool gaffer. Of course, take this with a large pinch of salt or maybe the whole shaker! The guy’s fee and wages are both off the charts, talk like that could put Peter Lawwell into a catatonic state!

In between, we saw Jamie Walker move from Hearts to Wigan for a nominal fee.

Oh, and last but not least, due to a lot of money being put on The Rangers being relegated, betting has now been suspended on it and the club hitting administration.

Have I seen this movie before?


  1. Wind the hun scum up again and put them in the highland league, they would be with their own there, plenty of sheep shaggers

  2. After that last Rancid Club going into Liquidation,And now seemingly this New Club maybe Going Into Liquidation..Will they be known as The the RainJurzzz mk3 or The Sevco mk2.The Deludeid will no doubt insist Same Club GoinFor50p…They have been a blast,Laughs Galore.Without Them in the Premier im certain to an extent we will all be a bit miserable,Be no laughs no piss taking out of the Comedy Club.Please let them tinker for a Wee While Longer.They havent Suffered Enough.Not by a long shot….Mon The HooPs..HfH n Awrat

  3. Here was me thinking Dave King was A True Bloooo knight in shining armour lolol.Exact same Directors etc at Sevco that were at Oldco.No wonder they are Scotlands Shame.And they have the Audacity to claim they are the same Club.Wipe Them Out and Be Done With Them.ffs they are an absolute Disgrace and an embarrassment to every Other Club in Scotland.Fact!!!!Happy 2nd Liquidation Dirty Liars Cheats Thieves.Thats the Good Parts..

  4. How on earth would Joe Allen want to go into football aminitity with Celtic. also by current market values worth at least £20 k.

  5. Had a peak over on some Delusional Sevconite Site,Same Old Same Old,Blaming Celtic for the Bookies and liquidation.Now the Huns are on about kid abuse etc.Really Sad,In this day and Age they still use this horrible patter for one upmanship.Sooner they Go,The Better..

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