It’s a statement a minute in the SPFL the last few months. Partick Thistle are the latest to join the list.

Towards the end of last nights game, Gary Fraser kicked a ball in anger into the stands. There is no way he was aiming for a wall but I doubt he targeted to hit a person either.

Fair play, he contacted the supporter and tried to make amends but Partick have just joined the statement brigade.

The Statement In Full

During the closing minutes of last night’s Ladbrokes Premiership tie against Celtic Gary Fraser, in a moment of frustration, kicked the ball into the main stand at Celtic Park. Although he intended to hit the wall at the front of the stand the ball ended up hitting a supporter, which was inexcusable.

Gary has phoned and spoke to the supporter who he struck with the ball and offered his personal apology, which was accepted. Gary also invited the fan, plus a guest, to the Energy Check Stadium at Firhill for the upcoming Ladbrokes Premiership match between the two sides in January.

Gary deeply regrets his actions and said: “I can only apologise both to the supporter I struck and everyone else who was at the ground. I don’t know what I was thinking, it was a moment of madness and stupidity from me. Of course it should never have happened but I absolutely did not mean to hit the ball into the stand and certainly had no intention of hitting anyone with it.

“It reflected badly on me and on the team and I feel like I’ve let down the club. As soon as it happened I realised what I had done and was devastated. All I can do is say that I am genuinely sorry and that is why I wanted speak to the supporter myself today.”


  1. To be fair, I think both the club and the player were obliged to make a statement and apology after that. How sincere it was on the player’s part is up for debate, mind you, as he didn’t seem to give a sh*t in the immediate aftermath last night.

  2. If a player tried that at either of the other two clubs I go to watch shamrock rovers or Millwall , there would have been fans on the pitch looking to batter him. Fair play to Celtic fans for showing restraint , it was an outrageously stupid act from the guy . It actually could have done real Damage to someone and the law would have been involved . Idiotic , but let’s move on and give him the benefit of the doubt for now

  3. If you watch the video, the force and the jumping motion as he kicked the ball shows he wasn’t trying to hit the wall at the front of the stand. He was clearly booting it into the crowd.he might not have intended on hitting anyone, but there really couldn’t have been any other outcome.

  4. As said previously by Willow, he didn’t seem to care just after – not just “kicking” but – “shooting” the ball into the fans just facing him.
    Could have killed somebody, literally.

    Instantly yellow carded by ref and Celts players showed their anger.

    We got the token staement from PT.
    However, the player has gotten off very lightly in all this.

    Hope the person hit by the ferocious shot (struck in anger) is OK and there are no after-effects.

  5. It was an irresponsible act by the player which could have caused serious injury. Hope the injured fan is ok and it says more about her character that she has accepted the apology.

  6. I have to laugh because if he didn’t deliberately mean it then he would have put his hands up and apologised the second it happened but he never, he walked away as if he didn’t give a toss, he should have served a ban and fined.


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