JASON LEITCH has confirmed the decision to cut the number of spectators in Scottish football stadiums to just 500 was not based on any sort of science.

The advisor to the government has claimed they could have had more or less but decided on a completely arbitrary number as they look to curb the rate of infection.

“Of course you have to draw the line somewhere, we’ve drawn it at a variety of points over the last little while.” Leitch told RecordSport.

“It’s very difficult to choose a number, you can either choose zero, 10,000 or somewhere in between.

“It’s a judgement, it’s of course based on trying to keep the risk as low as you possibly can but the alternative is just to close them down completely.

“So you’re absolutely right: it’s just a judgement.

Scottish football is deep in discussion about bringing forward the winter break in an attempt to give supporters the best chance of being in stadiums for the ties that are supposed to take place between Boxing day and January 2nd.

ScotGov has claimed the cap on fans is for a period of ‘up to’ three weeks, but given the way other restrictions have come about and stayed for long periods of time in the past, we’re just not sure when things will open back up.

It’s incumbent on the football authorities to make the right call for the game and not any individual club.

We’ll see how this plays out but the decision to cap football fans at such a low number has not been received well at all.


  1. As a Molecular Biologist, who has plenty of research experience with RNA viruses, I can absolutely agree with Jason Leitch. There is no scientific basis behind the Government’s suggested numbers.

    By far the most logical solution for football is to bring the winter break forward immediately. It is going to happen anyway. By bringing the break forward it gives time to assess the situation and plan for going forward when we re-convene. This is the logical solution and means that account can be taken of the situation with the changes in the number of cases. Ten out of twelve clubs support this and this would protect both players and supporters.

    If the Governing bodies do not do this, then they are abdicating responsibility and should be held accountable for that. The Governing bodies (SFA and SPFL) need to stop doffing the cap to one particular selfish club. It is time they supported the wishes of the sentient majority who do not have agendas.

    If Ms Sturgeon had any guts she would have cognisance of this situation and do the honourable thing and suggest this solution herself.

    • But that would make far too much sense, new normal would appear to be that everyone that matters have forgotten their power and self worth.


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