CELTIC’S night started so well in Austria but the second half proved we have a long way to go to even be on par with Salzburg.

The bhoys had one of their best halves of football away from home in Europe under Brendan Rodgers but the second half could be one of their worst.

Once the equaliser went in, there was no doubt who was going to win the match.

On the night, the failure of Celtic to hold possession with their front men unable to hold the ball and take the pressure off it was just a matter of time before the avalanche of goals came Celtic way.

Celtic fans have seen this play out over and over again in Europe.

As we pick over the bones of tonight’s game there are two people in particular that have been getting it in the neck on social media – rightly or wrongly.

Celtic lost as a team tonight but these fans think this duo let them down the most.


  1. Does the board not see what the fans are seeing , just not good enough and until they get there finger out there arse we will be nowhere near even the average teams in europe …com on lawell . You need the check book out if you want progress .

  2. Stop slagging Hendry & Lustig.Defending starts at the front.Eddy & Griff didnae hold the ball up enough and didnae close doon. Even Sinclair was closing them doon mair!!

  3. Couldn’t agree more Steve. Apart from the goal, I thought Eddie and Griff were awful. They couldn’t keep the ball if it velcro. Admittedly Lustig had a mare. But I thought Boyata and Hendry were doing alright till the roof caved in. They were under pressure for the whole game. And the front two did nothing to help ease the pressure. Awful second half.

  4. Look at all the other teams in Scotland they all play for each other and show that they are happy doing what they are doing for there team,look at us they all go about with a sore head,send the players you do not want home and get this show on the road.


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