CHRIS SUTTON never misses a chance to put the boot into The Rangers and they make it so easy for him at times.

The former Celtic striker warned the Ibrox club that cheering the semi final draw against Celtic last week could come back to haunt them – and bhoy did it.

After playing out their skins, they still succumbed to a 3-2 defeat to Celtic who were down to 10 men for over half an hour of the game.

Chris took to social media to rub salt in the wounds.

He also applauded Celtic debutant Scott Bain who pulled off a string of great saves to ensure Celtic won the game.


  1. I think Bain did remarkably well for debute and will only get better :- everybody should say Goodbye to Doris HH

  2. Bain did very well today. Commentator kept referring to the number of goals he had lost at Ibrox but he had the last laugh.
    BR should go with Dembele and Odsonne in the semi-final and tear them apart.

  3. Brian McClair’s comments were spot on, The referee if you can call him that was a disgrace,and his linesman just came out of a masonic meeting to run the line and was having an orgasm as he shouted red card. red card,red card. If the referee is doing his job no one remembers his input but this clown booked a Player for having his jersey booked and it would appear he hated Cham as he did everything but send him off. I would not trust this character to referee schoolboy football but the Sweet Fanny Adams Club think he is wonderful. I have Followed Celtic since 1954 THIS GUY SHOULD BE RETIRED AS OF NOW.

  4. Very true Frank when you ever seen a linesman do that! NEVER THATS WHEN!! 3 times he shouted it like an excited wee clipe in a classroom! and golum aye golum gave them fouls aw sencond half if any orc went down usually when we broke, like when Nicham was away never a foul! glad Broony got wise and bought us a few late on, Anyway regardless ANOTHER CELTICBRATION in sevconia! ON ROUTE TO DOUBLE TREBLE AND WE GOING TANK the poison in one if not 2 these next games as big Boyata basically the reason this was tight and that disgraceful red! never a red never!1 God When can we get out this “brigadoon” set up i pray one day we can!!


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