The Celtic manager has admitted that if he had his own way, he wouldn’t be playing Jack Hendry as much as he has been and his hand has been forced because of the situation.

The Irishman believes the player is someone who can come in and improve, develop and slowly make his mark on the first team.

However, due to the amount of injuries Celtic have sustained in defensive areas, Hendry has been thrown into the limelight and he’s found the step up very difficult.

The defender has made some pretty big mistakes and a lot of Celtic fans are losing patience with the former Wigan and Dundee player.

The Celtic boss would like to protect his £1.5million man but admits it has been hard to do so.

The Irishman also knows his player has made some pretty big mistakes but continues to praise the Hendry’s endeavour for still going and getting his head down.

Speaking ahead of the St Johnstone game the Celtic manager said – “He has been thrown into his career here at Celtic a lot sooner than I would have wanted.

“When I brought Jack in, it was to develop him and progress him.

“I wanted him to come in, be a support centre-half and get a feel for a huge club like Celtic.

“I wanted to improve him in his training and develop him along that route.

“Instead, he’s had to come in and be thrown straight into it in a lot of big-pressure games.

“Yes, he has made mistakes. But Jack is a very honest boy and someone I’ll always support to be the best he can be.


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