VIRGIL VAN DIJK took part in quite an extraordinary game at Anfield on Tuesday night.

The Liverpool team were scintillating and absolutely ruthless as they put five past Roma who only got their act together with ten minutes to go.

The former Celtic defender looked comfortable and at ease in the game for the most part as the Dutchman took in his first Champions League Semi Final.

However, if you slipped into a coma on August 28th after reading the headline below and just woke up last night you may be a bit confused.

Let’s bypass the notion that the reader slipped into a coma while reading the Daily Record – we know you were thinking it.

Just look at the contempt in the headline for the man who handed Celtic their biggest EVER transfer fee to date along with a hefty sell-on bonus which Celtic enjoyed after his £75million move to Liverpool from Southampton.

Back in 2015, Celtic would have apparently been lucky to get £10 million for him if you believe this joker. It’s rather embarrassing.

This isn’t even something you could say is just a silly headline with the benefit of hindsight. Celtic fans who seen Virgil play week after week saw the potential this guy had to go to the very top and make the club a serious amount of cash.

While fans can wax lyrical about their own players, anyone with half a brain would have seen the potential in the defender.

  • Van Dijk is now one game away from a Champions League final.
  • The worlds most expensive defender.
  • Captain of the Dutch National Side

It’s rather curious that Craigy Boy sold him so short!

Glad he isn’t Celtic’s chief executive!


  1. The Swine that is Anything Sevconian.As much as its fecking Wonderful Lording It Over that Rancid Muppet Club,They show there idiotic Allegiance by the Mince that spews from them.Each and Everyone of them is living in LaLa Land.No wonder everyone laughs at Them.Even if they bring in Stevie G,No Tim will lose any sleep over Anything The Tribute Act Does.Roll On Sunday.HWG10IAR!!HH

  2. Virgil : value £75m by Liverpool & 10m by this joker…. LOL
    Morelos: value 11m by these jokers, true value around £800, 000….max.
    Who buys these rags?

  3. Not really that curious that he’d sell him short. I’d expect nothing less from a jealous foaming-at-the-mouth mind-of-a-petulant-child piece of HUN SCUM like Swan. Or anyone associated with that rag.


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