NEW SFA Chief Ian Maxwell hasn’t ruled out moving the Scottish Cup to an evening kick-off as the new Hampden supremo looks to shake up Scottish football.

When asked if it’s something the SFA would consider off the back of the English FA changing the FA Cup final kick off from the traditional 3 pm to 5:15 pm – Maxwell wouldn’t take it off the table.

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t think anything is off the table,” said Maxwell.

“You would be daft to go into a negotiation with a position of ‘we don’t want, we don’t want, we don’t want’.

“Our commercial director Chris Rawlings and his guys have been working really hard upstairs over the summer on renewals on the deals that have lapsed,”

“They have been having a look at what we sell, how we sell and whether we can do things a bit differently. We hope to be in a position, whether it is a few weeks or a month, to say we have got a deal for the Scottish Cup.

A lot of fans would be upset to see the Scottish Cup final leave its traditional 3pm slot. In an era when there are less and less Saturday 3pm kickoffs – there is something sacred about the showpiece Cup final that shouldn’t be touched.

Would you be bothered if the Cup Final time moved?


  1. Scottish football will never recover until that team out of Ibrox has had the proper justice and the state as well

  2. HH It should stay at Time 15:00pm as it’s better for Fans to ge t home at a Reasonable Time: The other thing is Q?Q?Q? Why is there NO SUMMER Football after all U send the Nation Team to 2 Warmest Climate and Refuse to move our Game to SUMMER Football where is is much more enjoyable going to and travelling home :In day light ,also football is not entertaining & fans are paying top dollar to watch Rubbish with no Refund allowed any other Entertainment or shopping wee buy can get refund for bad quality,but football is totally Different Q? Why as sfa fat cat sit & Egnolage this & do nothing a. plus CHEATING Clubs or club that can not pay there way with new Licence given when it should not :It Seem if u are a Celtic or Catholic in this country seemed to be treated second class citizens Q IS THIS IT’S THERE FOR ALL TO SEE Campbell Oglivivie was a main man in sfs top table & again nothing done regarding the License for all the cheating the club he was or still involved in .

  3. Shake Up Scottish Football,Well first things first.Rangers are in need of Title Stripping for starters.Then and Only then can Scottish Football begin to heal and move forward.Until Then,They can fck off with there BS nonsense,Passing the Lying King as Fit and Proper.Aye What fcking Ever….The RainJurZz are Corrupt to there Core.They will do Anything and Everything to Stay at the Top.Past Endeavours are All the Proof We Need.There is no justifying Blatant Cheating for Decades and Nada was Done About It.Disgusting!!!!!!!!..And it doesnt matter what team you support,Celtic Hibs Aberdeen etc.To have this opinion is Country and Clubs Wide.

  4. Summer fitba sounds a great Idea, no more sitting in the stands, frozen watching twenty blokes chase a baw. The Cup final should start at 10 am on a Saturday. As anyone who stay’s near the Hampden will tell yae, they spend most of the day picking empty cans and litter out their Gardens, and cun7s who piss all over their ex council house hedges.
    Celtic will probably get to 55 tiles before the foe dae. But fuc& the Sfa, as usual they will always pander to the apron, than the Celtic Cross amongst us Christians. HWGFATT


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