NEIL LENNON believes our game needs to protect players better after watching his former player being stamped on at the weekend.

Andrew Davies assault on Scott Brown with no attempt to win the ball was a shocking display of aggression by a so called professional.

It becomes even more shocking when the SFA look to dismiss the lunge and not take any more action against the County Captain.

“Sometimes I think that if a player goes in deliberately to hurt another player and the injured one is out for a period of time – then the person making the tackle should sit out for the same time.

“My worry is a player ends up with a serious injury. We could lose a very good player to the game due to heat-of-the-moment stuff or someone’s ill-discipline or recklessness.”

“Referees, in the main, are very strong with that kind of stuff. On Saturday the ref couldn’t do anything but send the player off. Players have to take responsibility for their own individual actions.

“It’s just important we stop all of that because it’s nothing to be proud of.

Do you agree with the former Celtic manager?


  1. I remember Woodburn of Rangers getting sine die for nutting an opponent. Brown was on the deck,spreadeagled and unable to defend himself:this dwas targeted thuggery and much worse Neil!

  2. Love wee Lennoxtown obviously, though I’m sorry on this occasion I feel he’s just using out club to further his own recent public agenda to do with what may or may not be considered bad tackles on his own players, the horrendous assault on broony was not a tackle at all their was no attempt to tackle it was clear attack on our captain, nothing to do with tackling.


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