CELTIC now know their opponents for the play-off round of the Champions League.

With another trip to Kazakhstan on the cards, Celtic have until 7th August to register their squad for the double header.

With that in mind, this would be the perfect time for a new addition and if Rodgers is still serious about bringing the midfielder back like he intimated last week, then now would be the optimum time to do so.

Paddy got some game time in the USA for Manchester City but was left out of the last game of the tour before returning to England.

It’s not yet clear if Pep sees him playing a role in City’s season, but it’s up to Celtic to ask the question.

Or are the club hedging their bets and waiting to see if Rodgers navigates the team into the group stage?

Persistence is the key!

The deadlines to tell UEFA which players are on a club’s squad list vary from season to season.

In the 2017/18 campaign, they were as follows:

Champions League

June 19, 2017 (24.00CET) for all matches in the first qualifying round;
July 6, 2017 (24.00CET) for all matches in the second qualifying round;
July 20, 2017 (24.00CET) for all matches in the third qualifying round;
August 7, 2017 (24.00CET) for all matches in the play-offs;
September 1, 2017 (24.00CET) for all further matches from the first match in the group stage up to and including the final.


  1. Rather than Spending a Few quid to make sure we get there once again Liewell does nothing..Waiting to see if they can get into the Champs League on the Cheap..And 60,000 believed he spend Big..What a rip off

  2. I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but the players Rodgers have went for .. musonda solanke didn’t fancy it . Benyu was wrapped up quickly Hayes was a bit of a fuck about as Aberdeen wanted more money and ntcham was done quick enough .. he said when big boyata was injured it wasn’t going to disrupt his transfer plans .. Rodgers would never have signed a 4 year deal unless he was given assurances he would be given funds to strengthen .. maybe there was stipulation he had to reach the champions league but he still has 9 million supposedly to spend on players this season if you are to believe he was given 15 million for transfers and 15 million for wages as I read a few places earlier on the internet ..i think over the next week before this tie there will be at least one new signing or at least attempt .. he has done good business already anyhow but we do need another striker

  3. So basically, if we’re going to sign Paddy at all, it has to be done by Monday, 7th August if we want him to play home or away against Astana. Or we can take a chance on beating Astana without him, then signing him by Sept 1st to use him in the group stages games — if we qualify.

    Financially, there’d be no point in signing him after these dates, as we can win the SPFL without him.

    We’re already guaranteed about £8M because we’ve made it into the playoff round, so the cash is available to make a move……

    • James and Mark,

      I believe Celtic have made an offer which has been accepted by MC. It is down to the player. He has other options.
      I hope Celtic have put a time limit on their offer and have an alternative signing up their sleeve.


  4. Break the bank and bring Paddy Roberts back,it’s obvious the boy wants to return,Lawell get your finger out of yer arse and use influence for a change!

  5. I agree totally 30 mill from champions league 10 from Virgil sale it’s a no brainier bring the wee man home before Monday I say !

  6. I think it is important to acknowledge that you have made a mistake. For the longest time, I did not rate McGregor. How wrong I was!
    When he arrived on the scene as proof of Deila’s policy of bringing on youth, he was good. Quickly, it became apparent that he was a one trick pony, or, at least, was used as a one trick pony. He cut in from the wing and fired off a low shot aimed at the bottom corner…scored some goals doing that, including the one in Poland. Very quickly teams sussed this out and blocked his attempts to cut inside. His effectiveness slumped. Like several players he was a victim of Deila playing players out of position.
    Now he is a very effective midfielder with a fantastic engine……contributing both in defence and attack. His forte is the short pass that links defence to attack. He also has a powerful shot from distance. All of this was in evidence against Hearts. His shooting is particularly important at the moment as we play through a shortage of strikers. I can see him scoring against Astana. With or without Roberts we can beat Astana if we score at least two goals at home.
    McGregor is yet another example of BR getting the best out of a player.

    • Maybe I have made more than one mistake! Bitton was good vs Hearts in the CH/Defensive Mid role. Previously, I believed he had no heart for a tussle. If that is the case, he will be a disaster at CH, but, so far, he looks fine in the role. His pass up field to Griff for the first goal was world class.

      Let’s hope I have been wrong again.



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