We found out earlier this week from the man himself, Timothy Castagne that Celtic did indeed have an offer on the table for his services and it was to the tune of £8million.

An eye-watering figure for Celtic who had only just put out £9million for Edouard the window before this offer went in. As we know, Atalanta turned down the offer and wanted £12million for the Belgian star who would go on after the winter break to have an incredible season culminating in Champions League qualification with the Italian club.

Brendan Rodgers had friction with the board when it came to securing targets and he pushed them all the way – so much so they made that £8million bid.

If Celtic now don’t set their sights high enough and start to go basement bargain hunting on every player they bring in under Lennon this summer then questions will be asked.

The perception, rightly or wrongly, is that Neil Lennon won’t get access to the same funds as Brendan Rodgers did and that he certainly won’t be in a position to demand Celtic put up £8million for one player.

Celtic need to show their intent and drive to be the best they can be in the next two years. Mixing some good young talent in with a Timothy Castagne-esk signing will make all the difference for the fans and the team.


  1. No chance would I be siding with Rodgers here Larry. The mans personal life tells you a lot about his sense of honour. Anyway he is gone. My concern now is this, would Celtic sanction NL to spend 8m on anyone?

  2. Here is a radical idea; trust our leadership they have earned it. Mr Lawwell has done an outstanding job.
    We are breaking records; we are so far beyond debt free we are in new financial territory.
    Do you really think our leadership do not want what all Celtic fans want?

    One of the real dangers we face is division within the support. The scapegoating of our most successful CO is unjustified and drags down or resilience for the push towards new historical level of football honours.


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