Former SPFL chief has been outspoken on social media in the past few years when it comes to Scottish football.

Mitchell is not shy about giving his opinion and during the current crisis, the former exec has been taking to Twitter from his base in Italy. He wants Celtic to actively ‘null and void’ this season themselves and not accept the trophy in any form. He then wants Celtic to subsidise struggling clubs in the ultimate high road move.

Mitchell is a Celtic supporter, hence he refers to Celtic as ‘we’ when he speaks about ten in a row.

It will be a bridge too far for many.

Celtic are thirteen points clear at the top of the SPFL with eight games to go. They only dropped ten points in thirty games this season and would need to drop at least that in the final eight games to not be crowned champions.

As for financing other clubs, I don’t think the partisan nature of football will allow it. Celtic giving money to The Rangers who have plunged themselves into debt just to ride our coattails – it doesn’t stand up.


  1. Again, poorly written. Stars bubbles saying Mitchell is this and blah blah blah . Sorry, Mitchell who ? We haven’t got a clue who you are talking about . Learn how to write properly.


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