THE Offensive Behaviour at Football Act bill is about to be scrapped after a bill repeal the act passed stage one in the Scottish Parliament.

FAC has been campaigning tirelessly for this outcome for many years. Dealing with the most outrageous attempts to criminalise football fans just there to support their team.

The bill itself was something rushed through by the SNP in a kneejerk reaction to a football game the media dubbed ‘the shame game’. In reality, there were already plenty of laws in place to deal with fans who do not want to support their club in a positive way.

During this acts lifespan, we have seen people wrongly arrested and after the stress of going to court have their cases thrown out, fans being kettled by police and giving police a licence to treat anyone turning up to support their team as a criminal.

We welcome today’s parliament bill introduced by James Kelly and send our congratulations to the people at FAC who have been relentless to get us to this point.

Hail Hail



  1. About fecking time too! And the best part is, people singing sectarian, racist, homophobic sings and chants can still be arrested under previous ‘hate crime’ legislation without the need for this ridiculous additional nonsense!

    ‘Offensive’ really is a term that is wide open to interpretation but it was the only way MP’s could cater to the hun masses by bringing the Rebel tunes into account as well and ‘equalise’ the arrest count. A truly pathetic, needless and embarrassing incident in the history of the Scotttish Parliament.

  2. I was one of many thousands who emailed their local mp’s and put my shoulder to the wall regarding this, and we are on our way,but much more has to happen regarding offensive shit,I.E,There are certain communities out there who bombard their councils because the Colour green offends them and the councils give in and turn shit from green, to red or blue,wtf,its a fuquine colour……..anyway Hail Hail

  3. This “SHAME GAME” as it’s labelled was not and is not anything to do with fan behaviour! The ‘SHAME in this game was the despicable action of rangers players, and their behaviour and actions towards an officially appointed referee. As well as the sleekit gardeners secret whispers to NFL. As far as I recall this has never been highlighted to those who must be obeyed in Holyrood. If I’m wrong I apologise, I live in York so news is a bit sparse at times! You think the SMSM tell you nothing in the best little bigoted country in the world. You should try keeping up with Scottish fitba down here!!!! Having ranted that, the sooner it’s done away with the better! HH

  4. Sevco parading about,Thinking they are a Dead Club.Is an Act in itself.Will the Celtic Family get treated any differently with or without This Act,I doubt it.This Huntry is Nothing more than a Proddy Cabal that stretches from The Crumble Dome All the Way to Hunden.But we Tims get labelled Paranoid….McCoust is a disgrace,Turnbull Hutton is an absolute Legend.Pity there wasnt more of his like.

  5. Until Holyrood/Westminster ban the openly sectarian anti RC Orange Walks from our streets how does anyone expect to defeat the scourge of sectarianism rife in Scotland?
    Over 300 bigotfest parades in and around Glasgow last year… why the surprise that the banned Billy boys Fullerton is number 1 at the crumbledome?
    Why the surprise few…if any…arrests are made when 40,000 bigots sing it ever other week at ibrokes?
    As long as the union jack mobs are allowed their parades of hate nothing will change.
    The NF is banned from marching through our streets as they offend our ethnic minorities…RC’s though seemingly are fair game…..time to change long overdue…..its 2018….not 1690.


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