St Johnstone’s social media man appeared to be more seething than Neil Lennon last night during Celtic’s 3-0 win over the Perthshire side.

Neil Lennon was caught on camera raging at Mikey Johnston for limping off minutes after telling him he could continue. Neil Lennon used his last substitute after the message and was clearly angry his team were needlessly down to 10 men.

However, Neil wasn’t the angriest person watching the game! St Johnstone’s social media person doing the minute by minute updates branded one of their players a ‘victim’ for taking a challenge from Scott Brown.

The rage coming from the tweet is quite extraordinary as they claim Scott Brown ‘gets away’ with ‘another’ challenge.

With no hint of irony that the St Johnstone players reverted to the strong arm sort of tactics after conceding three goals.

Very unprofessional message from the twitter account and add St Johnstone’s social media officer as the latest person to have a go at the Celtic Captain.


  1. How’s this for a DIG St Johnstone…. Zander, no goalie, lets in two saveable goals, and rants at those in front of him for the goals. Meanwhile, O’Hallaran the dud, was a no-hoper, likewise, most the Saints in the first half. After the break Celtic gear down and then the boots fly from the home team.
    Did um big bad Scott Brown, the man who last night, ran the midfield, and took everything thrown at him, without complaint, did the business. Meanwhile, some wee f@nny Saints official spots an infringement from Broony, and gobs off about it.
    Firstly, get a team who can play football, without resorting to clugging, and perhaps we’ll listen to you, muppett!


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