ROD STEWART must have been trying to troll the two sets of Glasgow Derby fans with his post-match tweet.

Reacting to Celtic’s defeat to The Rangers, the singer congratulated the second placed side but then called their striker Alfredo Morelos a cheat. Stating the obvious with the misfiring frontman falling over when the slightest breeze passed by. The Columbian was sent off for his play acting in the end but it was too late to effect the game.

Rod Stewart has split opinion in the Celtic support for a while now and it all came to a head when he congratulated the Tories on a victory in the election. The Green Brigade responded with a banner especially for the singer who hasn’t addressed it since.

Instead he felt compelled to congratulate Celtic’s rivals today knowing full well what he was doing. Signing off with SIR Rod, making sure everyone knows he bends his knee.


  1. Our biggest own goal was giving Neil Lennon a second chance ,and the fact Scott Sinclair must be laughing up his cuff ,with getting money nothing, peter must have the idiot by. The balls all right


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