This site brought up the ridiculousness of the debate surrounding Alan Power at the weekend.

The St Mirren midfielder came crashing into David Turnbull during the bhoys 6-0 victory over the away side and was correctly sent off.

Michael Stewart told BBC Sportscene he wasn’t sure if it was a red card and categorised it as a ‘yellow and a half card’.


Former English Premier League referee Keith Hackett was asked to weigh in to the debate and when you get outside the prism of Scottish football you realise quickly how ridiculous some of our pundits can be at times: “Oh dear, that is a clear red card challenge.” Hackett told RecordSport.

“It’s serious foul play. The referee is in a brilliant position to make the correct decision. Well done the referee.

“If a player comes in with both feet or one foot off the ground he’s out of control. If he’s showing the studs the ball cannot be used as an excuse. Even if he took the ball and man it’s a red card.

“The referee’s given the red card and I am 100 per cent supporting the referee.

“He’s ignored the ball and fulfilled the requirements of serious foul play.

“Sometimes the light ball goes on and that’s the reaction you get from players.”

If David’s foot is planted he’s in all sorts of trouble.

Power has previous at Kilmarnock for doing this to Celtic players and getting away with it. The only shock on Saturday was from him who finally got sent off for one of these ridiculous challenges.

There should have been no debate and no second guessing the referees decision. It was every bit the sending off it turned out to be.

David escaped without injury and managed to bag himself a hat-trick in the process. Let’s hope the referees can be consistent, we’re looking for the rules to be applied – not special treatment.


  1. Power is a thug. He has history with wiping out Celtic players. He thinks he’s a hard man. The day is coming when he might be wiped out by a player who doesn’t like him or his taste for Celtic players. What goes round usually comes round Mr Power, Watch youe legs!

  2. Power is an animal who continues to try to injure Celtic players. Look at the tackle on Frimpong last year which put him out for many weeks.
    I disagree with Stewart on this one – everything about that tackle was a red – but I have found him to be fair compared to various other pundits.


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